Instagram API

Adding Instagram feeds to your small website is notoriously complex, even for developers. The reason is baffling. Instagram makes the process for creating new apps difficult and time consuming for smaller clients and developers. While yes, there are integrations for larger CMSs like Wordpress, those integrations don't exist for smaller clients.

Some people recommend using plug-in-play javascript implementations, but there's a major problem with that approach. Most of them rely on screen scraping the public code of the website. If Instagram refreshes the front-end code it's scraping, your code will break. Plus, Instagram often detects these scripts and either throws up barriers like 2FA in front of them or severely rate limits them.

I wish the approach above was more reliable, cause I've spent many, many hours trying to figure out retrieve feeds using that method. While you can bypass them using a Raspberry Pi and residential feeds, that process is too much for the ordinary user.

But no more! I've finally braved the convoluted Instagram API and hacked together a script that goes through Instagram's process as much as possible. Click the button below to see how simple it is for you to set up.